Sonntag, 22. Oktober 2017

A Little Bit Tighter

A Little Bit Tighter

Brigette Paris, Little Bit, Master Liam

Bridgette has invited her friend Beauty over to her place where she and her boyfriend Liam reside. Never having met her, Liam is anxious to see if she truly lives up to her name. And she does! He's not shy, and he asks if she would like to play a bit with some bondage ropes. She has a bit of experience and Liam quickly ties both Beauty and Little Bit, each in a different part of the house. Back and forth he goes, from one to the other. Each tie is more intricate and he doesn't hesitate to tease each almost to orgasm. Eventually Beauty is taken to the bedroom and tied together with Little Bit. There he is sure to please their basic needs, both reaching orgasm. It's not long before he strips off his shirt to join in for a bit of fun too...

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