Donnerstag, 5. Oktober 2017

Maxima’s Carnage

Maxima’s Carnage

Type: WMV
Duration: 01:32:00
Resolution: 640x480
File Size: 829 MB

Stars: Trina, Celine Maxima, Dan Hawke

Celine Maxima is a raven-haired beauty that is subjected to some stern punishment at Dan’s hands in this new video. This video opens with Celine being pushed into Dan’s dungeon play area, dressed for a night on the town in a black evening dress, heels and opera gloves. The only incongruous thing about her outfit is the rope binding her wrists and elbows behind her back.Quickly Dan binds her to a steel frame and begins to strip the outfit from her body. After securing her firmly to the post a crotch rope is fitted and hoisted overhead, forcing Celine to thrust her hips forward, showing off her cute pussy split by the cruel rope.Next, Celine is set up for one of Dan’s famous “pony” rides. Wrist bound behind her in a web of rope that crisscrosses her breasts, she is hoisted up on the wooden pony. Her legs are locked widely apart forcing her sweet sex to absorb all of the pressure where it rests on the wood. As a final torment, Dan binds her nipples to the front of the wooden pony. Celine doesn’t seem to appreciate these reins.Celine finds herself bound to a stool wearing nothing but white pumps. Dan begins to weave a rope bra around her breasts. Once her breasts are bound and swollen, he takes the opportunity to torment her breasts with a spiked pinwheel followed by a simple household brush. Finally, a crotch rope is threaded through her pussy and hoisted skyward, forcing her to balance on her pumps to relieve the pain in her pussy.A classic hogtie is next up for Celine. The harshness of this classic pose is exacerbated when Dan ties cord from Celine’s hair to her toes, forcing her head back painfully.Finally, Celine is hung in a seated position from a wooden beam. Dan fondles her a bit before working her straining body over with his square headed crop. The head of the crop leaves perfect red impressions on her lovely ass as she dangles and spins in space. After this torment Dan leaves her to hang in agony as he wanders off, perhaps to look for new victims.

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