Freitag, 27. Oktober 2017

The Housesitter

The Housesitter


Stacy Burke, Karie Almond

 Harmony's blonde bombshell Stacy Burke is a college student who has taken on a summer job of house-sitting. While on the phone with a girlfriend, she hears a noise. Next thing she knows she is grabbed by a masked burglar who demands to know where her money and jewelry is kept. She pleads, explaining that she is only a house sitter and has no idea of where any valuables would be kept. Not believing her, the burglar binds and gags her and searches the house. During his search, the devious intruder finds the real owners personal bondage equipment, (straitjacket, ballgags, rope)! He confronts Stacy with it, and she swears she knows nothing. Then he uses it on her! Some on-screen tying, and the usual on-screen packing of the mouth, along with escape attempts and great squirming and mmmphing by Stacy make this an action packed video. Following the storyline are three energized vignettes of new model Karie Almond. You don't want to miss these two beautiful women in bondage action!

File Size : 1120 MB    mp4
Resolution : 640x478
Duration : 01:19:42

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