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Interludes Of Agony VII

Interludes Of Agony VII

Stars: Victoria, Skythe Darke, Vega, Aiysis, Dan Hawke, Wenona, Natalia Ashe, Liz Tyler, Brianna, Shade Paine
This entry in the interludes of agony series features eight different models in harsh bondage. First Sky The Darke experiences her first bondage suspension in a complicated rope hogtie. Next Victoria Vega is breast bound and put into kneepoint bondage. Seeing her like this will bring some evil thoughts to any guy’s mind.

Then Alysis and Brianna face off in a double kneeling crotch pull scene. Each girl’s struggles simply intensify those of her companion. Next Natalia Ashe is bound face down on a bed and her ass is cropped and caned at well. Popular bondageus-pended upside down with a tight pussy rope splitting her cunt lips, weighted down with cinderblocks At both ends.

Finally Shade Paine is spread out on a rack. Her pussy lips painfully clamped. Liz Tyler is brought in and her hair is tied to the cord holding the twin clamps. Liz is forced to eat shade’s gaping pussy. Eventually shade is forced to cum, in spite of the pain and suffering. A selection of previews is also included rounding out this jam packed title.

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