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Tied for Torment 2

Tied for Torment 2

Jack Banner directed this hot video which is packed with hot babes, tight clothes and sexy, secure bondage and gags.
Anastasia plays a model who is grabbed by Jack and Steve during her webcam show. They are obsessed fans and they plan to hold their favorite fantasy model prisoner. Anastasia is bound very securely with tight ropes and is ballgagged. When her roommate Hollywood comes home, she is knocked out with a blow to the head and tied up. Both girls endure groping, humiliation and verbal torment from their cruel captors. When Anastasia finds out that Holly is tied up, she pleads to be released so she can dominate her sexy friend. Once untied, she fondles Hollywood and uses a riding crop to scare her. It turns out, it is all part of Anastasias plan to escape. But, the plan fails and both girls end up bound with lots of tape, hogtied and ballgagged. They are left there helplessly struggling. The lengthy and excellent outtakes include plenty of scenes of the girls joking and chatting while being tied up.
Nina, looking extremely beautiful in slightly slutty make up and a hot little skirt outfit comes to Jack for a photo shoot. But she does not know it is a bondage shoot and soon Darby helps Jack subdue Nina. Nina is bound with hands over her head and gagged with a big ballgag. Darby feels up her whimpering captive. Nina is then securely bound to a chair and with lots of rope and gagged with a cloth. Darby fondles Nina again. Then, Jack wants some video so Nina is forced to hop around (bound and topless) while he films her. Nina, completely naked, is bound very securely on a bed and gagged with a bandage. Darby toys with her and gropes her luscious body and tits. Jack enters and he also enjoys fondling and humiliating Nina. Nina is then bound standing with lots of rope and a big ballgag. Darby taunts her as she struggles and whimpers. The fabulous outtakes feature lots of footage of Nina being bound and gagged.
Three hot bondage vignettes from Jack Banner. Beautiful brunette Kelsie is tied to a chair. She struggles and whimpers through the large bit gag that is jammed between her teeth. Sexy Gloria is tied up in lingerie. She is on her knees and wears a ballgag which is attached to a post. Kelsie joins Stacy for an uncomfortable tie. They are in skirts and blouses, on their knees, tightly bound to a metal frame. Their mouths are taped shut.

Anastasia Pierce, Hollywood, Nina Neon, Darby, Kelsie Chambers, Stacy Burke & Gloria Reyes

Type: avi
File Size : 1646 Mb
Resolution : 720 x 544
Duration : 1:42:53

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