Sonntag, 19. November 2017

Sir B's Willing Victim Nyssa Nevers 2

Sir B's Willing Victim Nyssa Nevers 2

Stars: Sir B, Nyssa Nevers

Willing Victim Nyssa Nevers is back for more punishment by Sir B's hands, in the first half she is teased and tormented in Sir B's basement dungeon. Her breast and ass are caned, breath play with a plastic bag over her head and suspended upside down and forced to cum. Then the action moves to the kitchen as she is forced to stand in a large bowl of ice, freezing her feet as she endure the next round of suffering. She is wrapped up tight in plastic wrap as weighted clamps are put on her nipples and an electrical device is placed on her pussy with the controls in Sir B's malicious hands. After Nyssa steps out of the ice shivering Sir B warms her up with some fire play across her body and is forced to cum again.

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Duration : 01:09:55

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