Montag, 19. August 2013

Bound To Love It Vol. 4

Bound To Love It Vol. 4

Stars: Janie, Maria Shadoes, Lew Rubens

In the first clip Maria reaches her first orgasm, then Lew steps in and raises her skirt a bit, deliver some firm smacks and affix nipple clamps to send her on her way to her next orgasm which she reaches before the end. Very sexy but, warning, having nothing to do with the scene, there is an occasional, very spoiled, puppy running in and out. All scenes were pre-negotiated and Maria consented fully to them and had the power to stop the scene at any time.
The third scene is the epitome of hot! Janie is far gone into the sensations I'm giving her and that the position is giving her. She still has trouble orgasming with cameras - mental hang-ups that she'll get past. In the meantime I love to make her try (it is how you get past those hang-ups) so here I got out the Hitachi and told her I wasn't untying her until she either came or faked it convincingly. I've been in that position; it is its own type of humiliation. No denying she was into this.

Resolution: 480 x 360
Time: 0:49:18
Size: 465 MB

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