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Tormented Party Girl

Tormented Party Girl

Stars: Trina, Dan Hawke

Trina is taken into Dan's playroom. Her cool, elegant good looks and haughty demeanor make her the embodiment of every snobbish woman you've ever wanted. Dan ties her wrists over her head, fits her with a ball gag and fondles her through her dress, before removing it. He tears off her panties and replaces the ball gag by taping the panties in her mouth. He straps one foot to her thigh and flogs her ass red as she spins.
Now Tina is tied to a chair. Dan adds a pussy rope and lifts her up and down via her sweet sex as her legs tremble with strain. After many lifts, Dan ties the rope off leaving the girl to struggle against gravity. Then Trina is compelled to stand, bent over, using a rope that runs from her collar through her pussy and attached overhead. Dan works her ass over with a selection of crops, whips and paddles. Then Trina is compelled to kneel, bound at wrists ankles and feet. A crotch rope pulls her hips outwards and upwards. After some cropping Dan ties her hair back to her bound elbows.
Trina struggles to catch her breath in this position. Next is a hogtie scene with her wrists and ankles hoisted upwards. Last, Trina is bound on a reclining plane of wood as Dan tears the clothes from her body and drips one wax candle after another onto her taut and heaving body.

Resolution: 480 x 360
Time: 01:32:58
Size: 843 MB

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