Montag, 5. August 2013

Purple Passion

Purple Passion

Stars: Jenni Lee, Dan Hawke

Jenni Lee is drug into Dan's warehouse by her bound wrists which he places overhead. He toys with her body a bit before tearing her dress down the front and her panties from her loins. A tight crotch rope is applied and the cord is tied to her nipples from which he hangs heavy padlocks. He leaves her to suffer and she is then hogtied in chains on a platform. Dan works her over with a crop for a bit before hoisting her into the air by her wrists and ankles. She spins in helpless suffering.
Jenni is again dressed in purple and tied to a chair. Dan runs a rope from her pussy through a pulley before tying it off to her ankle. He hoists her ankle high and we watch the rope grind between her cunt lips. Now we find Jenni naked except for shoes and thigh highs, tied spread eagle. Additionally, a narrow two-by-two beam is pressing against her sore vulva.
Dan cranks her up a bit, putting intense pressure on her swollen pussy. She struggles but the worse is yet to come. Dan returns and actually lifts her off the floor! Tears appear in Jenni's hurt-filled eyes. Finally, we see Jenni Lee in a new setting, a basement, where she is bound awaiting a horrible pussy flogging that again brings more tears to her eyes. This is one thoroughly worked over hottie!

Resolution: 480 x 360
Time: 01:17:14
Size: 705 MB

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