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The Trouble With Cybil

The Trouble With Cybil

Stars: Dan Hawke, Cybil

Cybil's look channels Marilyn and she has the same kind of ripe, voluptuous sexuality. The flick opens with Cybil pushed into a warehouse dungeon dressed in an all business blue pinstripe suit. Hooked by her neck overhead Cybil resists the red ball gag. A flogger helps improve her attitude. The gag ends up between her bee stung lips. Dan tears away Cybil's power outfit. Once her breasts our exposed they are fitted with a rope bra. Dan torments her tits using hemostats, a spiked wheel and a stiff brush. Cybil actually begins to perspire from this attention. Dan produces a pair of mousetraps. He clamps these to her labia and uses cord from the traps to her toes, pulling her sex widely open and nipple clamps are added. We watch her exposed suffering. Cybil is bound to a wooden pole, a crotch rope forcing her forward. Her body is worked over with a violet wand. Her pussy rope is tightened more and she writhes in pain. Cybil is next seen on her knees, bound at wrist, elbow, and ankle. She is lashed to the column and then a crotchrope pulls her pussy forward. The final scene in this great video has Dan working Cybil over, front and back, with a number of floggers and slappers. Cybil's wrists are attached to the rope parting her pussy so all of her struggles cause the rope to really cut. Cybil is left still standing in the same position - already wondering about what evil Dan will next perpetuate on her bound and defenseless body.

Resolution: 480 x 360
Time: 01:36:00
Size: 894 MB

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