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Sluts In Pain

Sluts In Pain

Stars: Jynx, Madison Young, Kobe Lee, Jade Indica, Derek Synklaire

Jade Indica is being a bitch and deserves some pain. She is tied tight and unable to escape while suction cups are applied to her tender perky tits. The stupid bitch is still being a pain in the ass so she goes over the knee for a good spanking. She mush love the pain because it seems she still hasn't learned her lesson.
Derek Synklare is stripped and placed with the knotted rope between her legs. Then she is compelled to walk as the knots rub and digger into her pussy. She looks worried but has no other option but to hope that she will soon be set free. Her hopes are in vain, though, as she is left tied on the floor with a crotch rope.
Madison Young is covered with clothespins on her perky tits and sweet tender pussy. She receives a harsh whipping that leaves her tits, legs, and stomach covered with the red welts that only a pain slut can appreciate. She is finally set free and crawls away naked as the whip continues to smack her tender white skin.
Kobe Lee has arrived for a photo shoot, but this photographer has some pictures of her she wouldn't want anyone to see. Blackmail is on the agenda as she is compelled to strip and then teased until she realizes there is no escape, and that she has a new master.
Now this beauty lives with the realization that she must serve and obey. Jynx is a pretty redhead who gets bound and stripped. She is then pegged with clothespins on her firm tits and belly. But wait, there's more! When her captor hears her struggling to get free he decides that a little more punishment is in order. More clothespins are placed on her ears and finally her tongue. That should teach this bitch a lesson in pain she won't soon forget!

Resolution: 480 x 360
Time: 00:59:58
Size: 541 MB

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