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Chained & Chastised

Chained & Chastised

Stars: Brianna, Dan Hawke

Sexy Brianna is first seen chained to a post dressed in a sexy gray skirt and pink blouse. A posture collar is padlocked to her neck, which is chained to the post. Dan enters and makes her put on wrist cuffs and finishes chaining her to the pole. After tearing and cutting off her clothes he wraps a chain around her waist - he pulls it through her pussy and has her arch her straining body for display.
Now Brianna is almost totally nude. One arm is bound behind her back and one wrist is attached overhead. Ropes surround her breasts and a pussy rope splits her labia. Dan hoists one leg into the air, forming a pirouette in bondage. After a bit he returns and adds suction cups to her tits. Next we find her sitting on a platform, frog-tied to the pole. Dan puts clamps on her labia and attaches cords from the clamps to her toes, spreading and stretching her poor puss.
Then she is tied to Dan's metal frame in an Eiffel tower position. A crotch rope is wrapped around her waist and a bucket is hung from the rope. Dan slowly fills the bucket with water until it is completely full! Ouch! Finally Brianna is bound and spread on the rack for our pleasure. After studying her gaping hole, Dan returns and adds a pussy rope. Brianna works her hot puss against the rope until she cums! Dan returns and promises to punish her for cumming without permission as we fade out on poor Brianna.

Resolution: 480 x 360
Time: 01:45:00
Size: 952 MB

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