Samstag, 3. August 2013

Cameron's Conundrum

Cameron's Conundrum

Stars: Ariel, Anna, Cammi

What you get with Cammi is a tattoo free, gymnast's body with ample natural breasts, smooth and flawless skin...and a perfectly fuckable ass. She is captured and induced to reveal the whereabouts of her lover with a series of strict bondage positions. Mostly steel bondage. Chair cuffed, pole bound and crotch roped, cuffed in the toilet, bent over the stool and spanked nice and hard on that fine white ass. A strict steel hog cuffing, duct taped mouth and finally a zip tied neck to wrists bondage tie finally break her. Then she is hung upside down by the feet.
Next we find American Indian girl Anna...fully oiled, fondled, and dominated while kneeling, arms bound overhead.
Finally, bondage first timer Ariel endures strict bondage and ball gag. Two hours and 13 minutes of hard bondage fun.

Resolution: 320 x 240
Time: 02:15:58
Size: 774 MB

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