Dienstag, 15. Juli 2014

Ladies In Restraint

Ladies In Restraint

Stars: Star Chandler, Ashley Renee, Toni Town

A beautiful rendition of feminine bondage lust and desire await you. Mistress star takes charge of things in a dungeon setting with her slaves tied up to her skillfully wielded crop and flogger. Tit tied Ashley’s smart mouth gets her helpless body suspended; a gag mutes her cries for release as the pain and pleasure fling her emotions askew. Start takes her turn in restraint in a sexy dance around a chair bound Ms. Renee. They would like to foreplay but devious Toni’s bondage has insured their frustration. Ashley gets a turn as the private plaything of Toni, and then these two do a blinded love dance fir their dominant choreographer. The finale finds Toni gagged and spread, quite helpless to avoid the teasing, punishing pain games Star performs on her tits and pussy. REAL live performances form REAL life bondage advocates specially mad just for you!

File Name : bdsm_439_Ladies_In_Restraint.wmv
File Size : 710Mb
Duration : 01:17:01
Resolution: 480x360


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