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Tales From The Black & Blue – “The Play Thing”

Tales From The Black & Blue – “The Play Thing”

Stars: Loni, Phoenix Ray, Stacy Burke, Jack
Series: Talia Monet’s Tales From The Black & Blue

For this first Tale from a new series Talia takes us on a journey through the unknown, always ending with a sick twist. Take a classic Sci Fi T.V. show add in lots of bondage, a dash of S&M, two hot porn stars and you end up with a very hot and heavy twisted tale of perversion and Kink! In this story entitled “The Play Thing” Loni nabs and brings home yet another girl for her husband Jack who is not too thrilled with Loni’s illegal acts but very thrilled with his hot new plaything. They keep this sweet young thing tied up, and gagged throughout the entire show but this play thing has no idea who she is or how she got there and in the end finds out she may not even really be what she thinks she is! Talia really makes it feel like a one hour T.V. show by adding in three bondage-oriented commercials featuring the famous fetish star Stacey Burke who makes the perfect damsel in distress!

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Duration : 00:57:52
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