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Slave Revolt

Slave Revolt

Stars: Chloe, Randi Rage, Ariana

It’s a veritable banquet of bondage when three of B&D Pleasures favorite performers, Ariana, Chloe, and Randi Rage get together for a party in the dungeon. Slaves Chloe and Randi hurry about the preparations for Ari’s soiree, dumping a tray of canapés in the process. Punishment is inevitable, and Ariana dishes it up with her usual relish, laying on the leather and breaking out the clothespins and ropes.
Chloe ends up spread out on the table as the main course, to replace the spilled refreshments. It’s ropes, clamps, and the lash for the curvaceous Randi, strung up by the wrists with her ankles held apart by the spreader bar. Finally, in a surprising twist, the slaves rise up, surprising Mistress Ariana in her boudoir, binding her to the bed and subjecting her to one of the most ferocious turnabout sessions ever put on video. Beware the wrath of unleashed submissives in “Slave Revolt”.

File Name : bdsm_436_Slave_Revolt.wmv
File Size : 526Mb
Duration : 00:59:53
Resolution: 720×480

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