Donnerstag, 31. Juli 2014

Strix Discipline

Strix Discipline

Stars: Jade, Ilsa Strix
Director: Ilsa Strix

World-renowned Mistress Ilsa Strix and her real life slave Jade grace the B & D Pleasures sound stage to bring you a sizzling hot hour of live S/M! What they used to keep behind closed doors has now been bared to all as Mistress Ilsa toys with her submissive slave!

The Mistress’ splendor and beauty Jade. She cannot resist the artful weavings of tight cords on her body. She is helpless to resist the sentient thrill as her Mistress’ flagger finds its mark, or scorching ashes heat her nipple rings, or when the single tail finds its mark on tender flesh.

File Name : bdsm_427_Strix_Discipline.wmv
File Size : 576Mb
Duration : 01:01:19
Resolution: 480×360

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