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Machine Head

Machine Head

Stars: Lisa Kinkaid, Penelope Pace, Jon O’Brien
Series: Machine Head
Director: Rick Masters

Professor Chuck Wyzinski, a brilliant but philandering robotics researcher, is building a jury-rigged robot in his garage laboratory with a piece of real human brain as a control mechanism in a misguided attempt at scientific greatness.
Meanwhile his sexy brunette wife, Amanda, is ignored while the Professor spends all his time working on the robot, which he has dubbed “ED.” He’s also porking Kim, the big-titted blonde neighbor.
Fed up with sharing her husband with a robot, Amanda goes into the garage to destroy ED. Little does she know that the brain her hubby used in his homemade robot happens to be that of the notorious “Workshop Killer.” What was meant to be an innocuous tool for good has become a vicious psychobot with a taste for female flesh.
Amanda’s attempt to destroy the robot goes horribly wrong and she is knocked out. As she lays splayed out, the horny robot moves in, stripping her then holding her in his claws. Poor Amanda soon finds the robot’s phallus like a greased tube being jammed into her mouth. As ED has his way with her, her gloating neighbor Kim walks in on the freakish scene. Instead of rescuing Amanda, Kim decides to watch as the brunette beauty is debauched. But ED has plans for Kim as well, sending out a wire probe that quickly finds its way up the ass of the voyeuristic strumpet, implanting a remote control module that turns her into a tease zombie.
Soon both girls have implants and ED uses them to find and tease each other as he looks on with glee. Will the Professor ever return to rescue these poor damsels from the clutches of his robotic progeny? Will the Professor have the will to destroy his own creation? For the answers to these and other questions, don’t miss Machine Head!

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