Montag, 14. Juli 2014

What A Catch

What A Catch

Stars: Goldie, Cleo
Director: B.J. Frazier

Benny and Jay have had a fishing trip planned for quiet some time now, but their girlfriends Goldie and Cleo have had plans of their own. As soon as the boys leave, the girls hurry to get started with their erotic bondage play. The two big-breasted dirty blondes put each other in some­ nice positions, each tighter than the last, each position revealing more flesh. Before you know it the day has passed and the boys are on their way home. Goldie rushes to get Cleo un-strapped from the kitchen table before they are caught and their secret is out of the net.

File Name : bdsm_450_What_A_Catch.wmv
File Size : 529Mb
Duration : 00:57:59
Resolution: 480x360

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